Binary Options Trading Strategy 2017 – Make Generate $605 Per Hour With New Binary Options

Binary Options Trading Strategy 2017 – Make Generate $605 Per Hour With New Binary Options

Today i want to show you step-by-step how i’ve made over twenty thousand dollars in the last month using binary options.

What is Binary Options?

Binary options is the newest easiest type of trading online where only two choices. Up or down call or put all you have to decide is whether this currency will go up or down by the time of the expiring. Here I like to make my profits very fast so i select 60 seconds this means all I have to predict is will this currency go up or down in the next one minute I mean 60 seconds. I can select my amount and here’s the return on investment of 71 percent which means if i select ten dollars i will get back seven dollars and ten cents every 60 seconds that i’m correct but what if I’m wrong?

That’s why i have a strategy that’s allowed me to turn my initial 250 dollar investment into over twenty thousand dollars as you guys saw just a second ago i’m going to show you that strategy. Right now guys, this is the strategy go back to the binary options tab which is the main tab on this platform and go to whatever currency you want euro/usd odd to JPY ought to the canadian dollar. Since the euro/usd is such a popular currency, Let’s stick with this one. Here’s the traders choice telling you what traders think’s going to happen will go up or down.

This is not always very reliable until you use is the RSI tool. Click this and it will do an intense scanning of the chart and make a prediction whether the currency will rise or fall and they are predicting that it’s going to go down so let’s go back to the 60 second tab, go to the euro/usd. We quickly put our amount set at ten dollars. Click apply and we click a proof. Now i can scroll down to the bottom and we have an open position and a strike rate which is the rate that we selected was 1.09 047. It is now 1.09 42. Currently we are winning and it is going down exactly as the RSI tool. We continue to wait and it’s going down even further.

So now i have the video sped up to about three times normal speed and as you can see, we are almost about to win with 10 seconds and it’s expiring. We just won seven dollars and ten cents in just 60 seconds and i’m going to switch over to the sped up video using the RSI tool to make 60-second trades. In this one we’re winning. We got 30 seconds 20 seconds 10 seconds and this one looks to be a win. I just made seven dollars in just 60 seconds. We’re gonna go back and see what the RSI tells us is still telling us call that the currency is going up so place another trade and it looks like we’re winning and it is another successful ten-dollar trade. Let’s do it again and again. We have a very strong movement here can telling us that still going up. Now it looks like we may in fact lose this one so if that is about to happen you to double your trade amount to twenty dollars and place a trade in the same direction. Call this recovers the ten dollars loss and still leaves us a profit and this one’s a win. We just made $14 which recovers the ten dollars or loss and four dollars of profit are sized. It’s still going up will place another ten dollar trade, this one might be a loss so again we prep the twenty dollars and we lost that one. So we place the twenty-dollar trade. It’s a win so again as you’ve seen multiple times. The RSI Tool Works and whenever it doesn’t work you simply double your trade to recover the losses of your previous traits and if you guys use this consistently you can make thousands of dollars. Now you understand exactly how this strategy works.
Thanks for watching guys.