15-30min Beginners Binary Options Strategy – SMA & Stochastic

15-30min Beginners Binary Options Strategy – SMA & Stochastic

Hello everyone. Here i’m going to show you a simple strategy. It’s only using two indicators and fairly easy to understand. The first one is in SMA 50 moving average 50 and you can find it here indicators trend moving average and choose smooth and typing 50. Now the second indicator is the stochastic oscillator can also find it under the oscillators where is keep the standard settings.

You can set the lowest tiny 80. these are levels here over buff and oversold, so the first thing we’re going to do the m15 timeframe and look for the trend. The SMA will help you find the trend in this case the candles are closing above this and we can immediately see that the trend is a bullish trend. It’s up going so we want to find an entry which is to look for a touch when countless come down and make it higher-low which means the slow is higher than the previous one and the trend is going up. In this case you have the identified that this candle came down all the way touchedand even bounce and close above. So you could have entered after this channel closed because you would confirm it with the stochastic oscillator and you would see that it’s almost heading the 20 level.

Here in this case is about 23 and you could enter for 15 minutes or 30 minutes, it’s much safer to go 30 minutes. You can also go to any 25 depends on your broker as you can see on this location price was over sold higher up than the previous which was oversold lower. So this is a good entry. The next call option would come here because again candle came down and touched this and they almost touch the SMA. We could waited for the next counter to touch and as you can see what confirm it with the stochastic and you would see it’s over sold position so it would enter for about 30 minutes. Now we can do the same thing when we want to take productions that in this case you can see the doctrine ended here and the price broke and came down under decimate 50. Now the trend is considered to be and bearish print in this case our first part would be here because price came back to retrace up. Made a lower high than the previous low here, touch to decimate a and price was over but we would confirm with the stochastic and we would enter for about 30 minutes. You could wait for the candle to close before you enter it. You would lose a little bit of leverage here so you should be careful. You could check with them five timeframe to see if the price is stopping is starting to go down to start the trade.

Let’s go to take a look at the next one, i will show you what i mean in a moment, you can see price continued up sothis low, this higher is a valid point price touchdown. Price start to come back on the decimate before you answer but even if you will have entered after this counter for 30 minutes, you wouldn’t want again to confirm with the stochastic. So what’s going down to a lower timeframe. You would go to the m5 and you would locate the position where you would want to enter it. You could have waited here and you could have observed the m5 candles and you would enter when you see bearish and five counts closing white like this. This one is about 30-20 minutes so that’s how you do it.