Amazing Binary Options Strategy. See A Live Trade – EUR/USD

Amazing Binary Options Strategy.  See A Live Trade – EUR/USD

I just wanted to show you kind of live trade that I may be taking here shortly and kind of why I’m thinking about taking it. Now we’re on the one-minute chart for the euro/usd.

Basically the thing that I look for in a turn in the market is what just happened right now we wouldn’t actually be getting into the trade but let me kind of explain a little bit what we’re looking for. We had a reversal in the market where it starts to turn up. We’re looking for a red candle to break and closed lower than the previous green candle. So we have seen that happen right now what I’m going to be doing is go ahead and open up my trading platform and I will be placing a put on the euro USD for the remainder of this time. We’ve got it right here and i will be doing a two hundred fifty dollar put which is you can see the trade has been placed and it looks like i got in at one point.

I’ll go back to and this website is actually free stock and you can actually go on here and just look up pretty much anything you like if you click over here where it says your USC. You can change the symbol you’ve also got some drawing tools as well which can be very helpful as well as your Fibonacci lines and so different tools in there like speed lines. You get the pitchfork trend lines whatever you’d got some arrows in here, so I’m going to draw an arrow. Where we have gotten at just for reference, just put it right here as close as I can. You can see it’s it’s looking to come back up a little bit but hopefully we should see a retracement back down and hopefully see a win.

Now we’ve got about 10 minutes left so we will see what happens from here. However you know basically the way that my vision of it working had a smooth upward trend going and as soon as that broke down, that mean it’s the price is likely to go down. You know of course we always have consolidations and retracements back up. So i think we got in a pretty good level with about nine minutes left to go. We will see what happens. I’m gonna go ahead pause the video and we come back to it and was probably about a minute left and we’ll see what’s going on right then and actually I’m going to go ahead and pause it real quick and while we’re still at this point. We got draw a line for our entry make sure that’s about right that is what I usually do is whenever I enter. I will go ahead put a line and change the color to whatever it was based on a story call so if I didn’t put, i will put a red line and if i do a call, I will put a great line and just give me a visual reference of where the target needs to go either under my line or over it and just for visual reference. However it really means absolutely nothing and training world. But again i will just pause this again and I will come back and just a little bit and we can see how it’s progressing.

So we’ve still got a few minutes left but i wanted to go over kind of what I’m saying right now. Here’s where a lot of traders actually get messed up with this scenario. We had a nice time trend right here and as soon as it broke this was our entry, so we got it right here for our put. Now as soon as it comes back up and retraces back over this candle.

Many traders will think this was a mistake, usually it’s probably go up again. It’s a fake out because if it does not close over the top of this candle that means it’s going to likely continue down that’s just one thing to realize, usually you know when you’ve got the start of a Down trend is going to pop back up and test those levels again which it did and then again started coming back down so that’s just something to think about when you’re trading. we’ve got about five minutes left and I will come back in just a few minutes and we’ll see how this thing is progressing. We got about two minutes and 40 seconds left. The trade is still looking pretty good. If you notice with these candles, one of the main things that we’re looking for reversal is a closed over the candle and the wicks as you can see this came down and if the sort of actually ended up here. I could have signal that you know maybe going back up. It ended at the top of the wig and did not close over which tells me still going to go down so that’s basically what is happening right now. It’s still kind of testing down a little bit more. I think we’re probably okay on this right now and got about a minute left.

I just let this one run and we will see what happens of what I hope. I’ve kind of explain this pretty well of what we’re looking for. We again got this uptrend right here and just draw a little bit up and this is by no means a trend line or anything and just trying to show you that the uptrend right here going up and as soon as this scandal breaks the low of that last green candle right here and it’s wick then that signals to me. This is likely a good time for a put on this straight. So as we’ve seen it went straight down and then usually there is some recourse backup which test the high again drop back down finished a little bit above which again this is why most traders could mess up because you know they’re looking for a possibility that this might go up but it’s not just retesting these levels again and as we’ve seen it came all the way back down.

Thanks all.